Professional Asset Management and Real Estate Sales Firm


Our History and where we are going;
Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Natod Management has morphed from a traditional Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management company into an amazing Asset Management Firm, Property Management Company, and Real Estate Brokerage, providing better than average returns for the "little guy" Investors. Founded in 2003, the original idea for the company was the management of the homes that were owned by Natod, however, in realizing that small Investors were being neglected by large Management companies, and that no one was explaining the point of Investing to these Investors, Natod transformed into the amazing Asset protection and income generating firm that it is today. Since that time, it has grown into a full-service company, with the ability to meet the many requirements that property owners are now realizing they need from a management company.

While over 90% of Natods clients are from referrals and repeat customers that own multiple single family homes in order to supplement their Income and grow their portfolios, our Property Managers have years of combined experience in large Apartment Complex Management and also Manufactured Housing management.

Natod Management also employs licensed Realtors which allows for lower costs and combined services. With the increased use of the Internet to optimize business management, operations, and communications, we are able to efficiently manage Assets of all shapes and sizes. Natod has found that the majority of property owners prefer this method of management and communications due to the ease of access.

Check out some of the Services that Natod provides;

  •  Meetings with the Property Owners to discuss the options and strategies available that match their goals.
  • Advertising units and screening of tenants
  • Collections through our 3rd party services
  • Evictions, 24 hour emergency Maintenance, accounting referral services and much more.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. If you have any questions regarding our company, please do not hesitate to Contact us