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Are you tired of giving away all your profits?

Do you get all your own leads?
Do you do all your own printing?
Are you tired of lame commission splits?
Why pay a broker a huge percent when you can come
work with us!!

Here at Natod Management, we believe that the market is
changing, and people need to adapt. So we have come up with an
innovative commission plan that, well, blows away the

Here's how it works:

If you get your own leads, make your own calls, print your own
docs, pay your own utilities, and basically just need a broker to
sign your docs, like most of the world does...then this might
work for you.

We charge a $250 commission on deals up to $100,000 and a
flat $500 on anything over $100,000 up to $500,000!

If you want our leads, paper, office access, floor time, etc.....then
we can talk huge splits....but for now…You do the math!

Example:  If you sell a house worth $80,000.00 today, and had your own docs
from your own printer, had your own lead, and basically know what you are doing,
and didn't need someone to hold your would generate $2,400.00 to the
office, and pay a standard broker about 30% of that, which would be $720.00!!

Compared to our $250.00!!!

You would have saved yourself $470.00 by hanging your
license with Natod!

Contact us today to get started.