Property and Asset Management

The Difference between a Professional Property/Asset Manager and a Landlord is even bigger in the details!  
If you are looking for someone that you can "boss or kick" around, check on repeatedly, go back and inspect what has been done multiple times, watch every move that is made, scrutinize every penny, and question every thought we have, then please, DO NOT CALL US!
It would be a waste of your time, and a hideous waste of ours, and our time is precious as it is worth Money.
Conversely, if you are looking to increase your Real Estate holdings and GROW YOUR WEALTH in Real Estate, with grown ups that understand growth and management, getting things done, and long term investing, then we may be the group for you.

Transparency, viability and growth:

Unlike Property Managers that handle the day-to-day activities related to a property and it's operation, Asset Managers focus on maximizing the value for investment purposes. For this, we need to be open and honest, you, and we, need to be able to have "grown-up" conversations both ways, about money and difficult situations, and even the future. We work hard to ensure complete transparency on a daily basis, so that we may ensure the long term viability and growth of your Asset and ours.


The purpose of Asset Management, whether with Real Estate or any other investment, is to cultivate market value so ownership can increase its returns and thereby make your Q.O.L that much better.

 Asset and Portfolio Managers have the responsibility of maximizing the performance and value of the company's portfolio of assets through acquisitions, dispositions, or operations. One of the simplest ways to increase value is through better management. We understand this, and enhance our education regularly to ensure this stays a priority. We have outside third party Certifications, and are members to different groups of Investors that check our performance against other benchmarks. This way we are responsible for formulating and implementing long-range asset management strategies that are in line with each of our OWNERS GOALS.

While Property Managers typically focus on a single property, Natod, as Asset Managers, could be responsible for all the properties owned by an Owner, which may include office, retail, and multi-family. We would also connect the dots between the Owner and the additional professional, such as Lawyers and Accountants, to not only better understand the Asset and long term goals, but also to better protect the Asset and Owner from the Market and its potential dangers.

  Since we are a comprehensive and service driven Management Company for investment properties, we are uniquely trained to manage your property, whether Residential, Commercial, or Industrial.

  With all the laws and regulations now imposed on rental property owners, one slip up could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, plus added time and stress, thereby reducing your Q.O.L.
  Trust your valuable Real Estate investment to Natod Management and you are not only choosing to have superior management, but you are opting to say “good-bye” to worry as you will have expert guidance through unwelcome surprises involving your income generating vehicles.  

At Natod Management, we can assist:

If you are a Landlord not by choice, but by chance, or worse, by necessity, and even if you have no interest in Investing for the Long haul, but need help now, we can offer some services at competitive rates such as;

Unpleasant discoveries after a tenant leaves,
Rent collection,
Cleaning and painting,
Difficult situations with tenants,
Interviewing and screening prospective tenants,
Advertising to find new tenants,
Serving legal notices or handling evictions,
Maintenance emergencies, and
Much more.

In fact, knowing your property is well managed not only means you can relax and concentrate on other matters; it also means an investment that sustains its value by growing the N.O.I.

Natod Management’s experience and training combined together give you the property management performance you need, and our continuous pursuit in learning assists us in doing the best
possible job for the lowest possible cost.  We are dedicated to the professional management of investment properties.


When you need someone to manage your property, you will want someone with;

  1. Access to numerous enhanced educational opportunities.
  2. The highest Standards of Professionalism and Code of Ethics.
  3. Someone that can maximize rents and income for you.
  4. Someone that can minimize expenses.
  5. Someone that will manage the property efficiently, professionally, and economically—

freeing you to do other things and improve your Q.O.L.

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Simple Definitions to make life easy:

(Thank you Wiki pages)

Asset-Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value.

Asset Management- A systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of Assets cost-effectively.

Intangible Asset-Goodwill, patents, trademarks, copyrights, computer programs, etc.

Investor- someone that allocates capital with the expectation of a future financial return.

Landlord-The owner of a house, apartment, condominium, land or Real Estate which is rented or leased to an individual or business.

Property Manager- a person or firm charged with operating a Real Estate property for a fee.

Tangible Asset-Fixed assets such as buildings, equipment etc

Professional Asset Management and Real Estate Sales Firm